How to earn money from internet marketing Article writing or blogging is the best and the cheapest way to promote your website to earn online income.

Article writing or blogging is the best and the cheapest way to promote your website to earn online income either when you are promoting your own business or affiliate products.

When it comes to earning money online by promoting your website through article marketing many questions do keep pop up in your mind constantly.

How to write the most effective articles to promote my website?

What are the areas on online marketing should I really focus on?

What type of articles would give the best result for my blog?

How could I attract readers to my blog?

What is the best thing can do to make customer friendly blog?

How much do I need to be doing to be successful? And so on and so on.


If you are new to article writing and online marketing these questions may seem to be formidable obstacles and hover over you like a serpent. But these are not so formidable or dangerous as they appear to be. On the contrary these questions become very handy and can become your guide lines to write effective and popular articles for your marketing endeavors. Articles or blogging is always considered to be the best and cheapest tool to promote your online businesses.

If you write articles keeping in mind some of these questions, your article writing can be very creative and useful for your readers. While you are writing articles keep your customer in mind. If you can effectively answer some of their queries through your blog posts people will appreciate you for that they always come back to you to solve their problems and thereby building up your relationship and you will be trusted by your readers and you can promote your business. Just remember the golden rule that the blog post are intended to give some information or educate your customers and not for bombarding your readers with rotten and egoistic views or ideas. Even though article marketing is considered to be the cheapest and the most effective way to promote your business online you will have to follow some unwritten golden rules to be an effective article writer.

Article writing or blogging is always presumed to be the best known method to promote your website and thereby your internet marketing. With these questions on mind we are going to discuss some important points you need to focus on when you are marketing your website.

Once your website is made and ready to take off the next thing is to promote your website in all possible ways to reach out to the public and in that process the first thing is article writing.

Article Marketing definitely takes your website to the next level if you give value to content, keep persistence, and keep laser targeted.

Articles or blog posts are the best and cheapest thing you can depend on to promote your website online. Beginners or the people who are totally new to online marketing have been using article marketing or blogging for years and years successfully. Never has it lost its relevance as a dependable ally to successful internet marketer. Ever since from the starting of internet revolution its primacy as the best reliable internet marketing tool has not been questioned nor would be replaced with something else in the near future. It will have the same importance and relevance as long as people depend on internet to keep referring for knowledge and to get information from internet.

Article writing is considered to be easily an accessible internet marketing tool that you don’t have to be a blogging expert or SEO mastermind to write articles for your website. It is definitely a reliable marketing tool in the hands of an internet marketer who really wants to promote his website to make money by either promoting affiliate products or one’s own products.

If you want to be effective in writing article to promote your products you should be really focused or better say you should be laser targeted. You should convey your ideas specifically and tell it without ambiguity.

If your purpose is to sell some products reveal it to your readers without any doubt whatsoever. Don’t leave them guessing about your purpose. If you want them to buy your product tell them to buy. Tell them what advantage to purchase from you. That is your offer. Tell what is the benefit you can provide them if they purchase from you. You can also specify a time period advantage if they buy within a period.

According to me there is no use of playing hide and seek with your possible customers. Be frank and tell them what you are up to. It is no secret that a commercial blog site is for marketing your products and not for charity or spreading philanthropy. If you cannot express yourself or your purpose of writing your blog in your site where else could you do that? I don’t agree with some people telling that your readers would be offended if you ask them to buy from you. I tell that let them be offended than you being hungry. People are understandable and considerable that you are running a business and they won’t be offended rather they follow your way if you take courage. So lead the way.

Another question people ask is that “whether article marketing still effective after Google’s algorithms changed?”

Many people are of the view that Google’s algorithms changes have adversely affected the effectiveness of various types of online marketing tools. On the contrary I would suggest that the changes have actually helped the article marketing tools and the way Google and other search engines used to evaluating your website has improved and nowadays we are getting a better results for the real content writing and article writing.

Article writing is even becoming enjoyable and resurgence now that the garbage writers are weeded out and largely discouraged and have left the way clear for those who are writing quality content.

Here are some of the factors you will have to keep in mind when you want blogging really would work for you to market your website.

Ensure that your blog is content rich and of high quality.

It should give real value to your readers or possible customers.

It should give some solutions to their problems.

Consistency is crucial in building up your business online.

Make your website communicative to make steady progress in online business.

Make your blog interactive and personalized to build business online.

Content is the King if you really want to remain successful in online marketing.

To make more effective and targeted you should be focused in your article writing, narrow down to your writing to a particular niche. If you want to write or express something off topic and not pertaining to a particular niche refrain from writing in that particular website.

You can also have multiple website to write about different topics or niches. If you want to get real results from your websites you should jumble up topics which have no relation to each other. Jumping from one topic to another and mixing up your niches won’t make a good blog nor can you expect appreciation from your readers.

If your niche is about keeping good health write about health, if your niche about hobbies write about hobbies, and if your niche is about internet marketing strategies to build your affiliate marketing or network marketing online working from home write about those things connected with that niche and not about wildlife in African Continent. That simply means that people should be able to identify your particular website with some particular topic. So that they can visit that site for a particular well defined purpose. If you want to write about different topics you can always have multiple sites.

Once you write article your next task is to promote your blog. Give as much publicity as you can give like promoting your link to social networking sites, listing in directories, publishing platforms, forums and summit for search engines, email marketing, etc or you can try some paid methods if you can afford to do so. After all this is your business and in business there is a well established part for investment and marketing strategies to achieve your goals in time. There is no fun in waiting for the best things to happen without making conscious efforts and at the that good thing may not happen at all.

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In the next article we will discuss about other major marketing tools in internet as well as some must do things, while you are promoting your website to earn online income working from home.

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