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How to Earn from Internet? Build your Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing Business to make money online. Part-1

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Internet has brought in many possibilities of earning from home.

Many people do depend on internet to earn money from home doing manual works like typing jobs, copy- paste jobs, filling-up forms, data entry jobs, medical transcription and many other jobs which are paid according to the work accomplished or time spend on the job. Here I am not going to talk about these unlimited manual job opportunities.

But here I am talking about unlimited home based business opportunities that internet has made possible, made easier, made profitable, made more desirable and bigger. I am going to talk about those ever growing opportunities of internet in network marketing and affiliate marketing business. That is about marketing possibilities of internet business in niches of product marketing, service sector and IT sector.

Starting Your Online Business.

If you are intending to start an online business, it is to give you some insight about the possibilities of internet in marketing business. Since these topics need a lot of explanations and elaborations on different aspects of internet marketing I am going to break these topics into different parts and I shall discuss these topics in detail in coming days.

Since I am a network marketer I want to talk mainly about the marketing possibilities of internet; information technology part of the internet market; ways to improve marketing through internet, the best selling website for net-worker, websites for marketing, strategies to improve sales, improving traffic to your websites, different ways of search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate programs to build your home based business, how internet has changed,  made profitable and simplified the network marketing industry, blogging and its possibilities in internet marketing, how to own a blog and start blogging, writing blog posts, email campaigns for marketing are some of the topics which I am going to write. If some of my writing can help you in some way to build up a successful internet business, or help you to start a blogging career, or help you to promote your network business, or help you to do your affiliate marketing in a better way I am satisfied. I really want to help those people who are struggling to make a living through internet, or build a career in network marketing  business or those who have decided to earn an extra income from network marketing or affiliate marketing.

Why do I love Network Marketing?

There are some solid reasons why I recommend network marketing or affiliate marketing business some prefer to call, if you really want to be rich and own a big league business in the easiest way,with all its advantages like time and money leverage and time freedom, without investing much money.

1. The Network Marketing or the Affiliate Marketing offers the best education and the platform to build your business the easiest way possible.

2. Network Marketing offers a successful and proven system to work with and the products which are unique and continuously tested and quality maintained because it is customer satisfied customer recommended business.

The affiliate marketing industry offers a ready made and foolproof system to anybody who wants to take control of his or her financial future. It has proven system to follow.
S- Save
Y- Your
S- Self
T- Time

3. The Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing companies provide their products and after services and ready made payment system.

4.  Network companies or affiliate marketing companies have their compensation plans to pay their affiliates and you as an affiliate just have to follow step by step guidance provided by the company and your leaders.

5. Network companies provide education and other necessary tools to the affiliates to make their business successful and only you have to make a team of people who are interested to make their own business by selling and earnestly promoting the products provided to you.

Affiliate marketing is Economical and Ready to Start business.

Let us make it simpler, you get everything ready-made here in affiliate marketing the products and the  services for your business, you don’t have to worry about stocking and warehousing expenses, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products either because it is been taken care by the company itself.

Product delivery or shipping is also done by the company itself. As I am involved in conventional type of business I know the expenses and troubles associated with production, warehousing, shipment to the retail outlets and the final delivery to the consumers.

In network marketing business all these elaborate factors are taken care by the affiliate program providing company. Here you save your time and money and concentrate only in building your customer base and that is the network of satisfied customers. So it is a business made simple for you.

Affiliate Marketing is proven Business. 


In network marketing all you have to do is to purchase the affiliate products, use the products as a real satisfied customer you recommend the products or the services offered by the affiliate marketing company.  To build your million dollar business you just have to follow the step by step training provided by the company and teach your associates who joined with you what you have leaned as a network marketer.

I always want to build a business which leverages my time and money. But the cost associated with that kind of business was something that kept me away from it like many of you. Now as we have many affiliate marketing companies which provide great products as well as the infrastructure to build your business on sound base and you can leverage your time and money.

These affiliate programs are comparatively cheaper and a meager amount to start an international business and building the business which I always like to owe, leveraging my time and money. This is the first and foremost reason that I participate and promote affiliate marketing programs. We shall go into details later.

Affiliate or Network Marketing is a big league business; it leverages your time and money.

I like to make money and love the idea of leveraging my time and money. I am passionate about that and ready to put in efforts to make it happen. But this not the only reason I like affiliate marketing or network marketing business. Here we create network of people to promote and sell a product or number of products which we ourselves use and recommend others to use earnestly. It is more aptly called as consumer distribution business.

Affiliate Marketing is for the people love helping.
It is about helping people to attain financial freedom by helping them to build up their business. It is all about teaching them how to build their business from scratch and guiding them step by step in building their business there by helping myself. It is simple logic, when they succeed I succeed too, this philosophy is unheard in conventional business where people compete each other to promote their businesses. So Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing is for the people who love to help others.
Affiliate or Network Marketing is for the people love to help themselves.

It is about making a group of people become rich and making them your possible investors in your future business endeavors. That is why I love this business more than any form of business. You help people to become rich by growing their business the more investors I get in my real estate business which is otherwise not possible for them. Most of them would not invest with me now because they cannot afford it or they are afraid to spend the little money they got with them. That is why I say that affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for everybody. Just go ahead and do it.

It is for the people who love learning and teaching.
I love working with people who want to help others to achieve their financial freedom and love to help others who want to improve their lives by working together. It is disgusting to work with people who think that they know everything and they think that they have all the answers. In my conventional business I have come across many people whom I have to put up with, without any option. But in affiliate or network marketing people are ready to learn new things and always on the lookout for new solutions and challenges.

I love learning, teaching, and sharing ideas with people who are excited about their ongoing education. This wonderful business gives me the opportunity to teaching others what I know and learning along with everyone else. So here learning and teaching is a continuous process and you cannot keep away from this process if you want to succeed in your affiliate businesses.

You can find a lot of well educated people and professionals from different backgrounds working in this field and it is not uncommon that people with no formal educational qualification making a lot of money in affiliate marketing. They gain the education they needed to build their business and attain financial freedom in their lives. Here we get together and share what we know and what we are learning in this process. I love learning and teaching and that is why I am in this business. So if you wanted to help people this business definitely it is for you. If you love to learn and teach, this business is definitely for you.

Affiliate or Network Marketing Business provides you all the education and training you needed to build your affiliate business successfully free or affordable price. So if you are a learner and a go getter you be a sure winner in your affiliate business. It is easier to succeed in network marketing than in a conventional type of business where you get nobody’s help unless you pay for each every service you get. Moreover it’s a world of competition and its slogan is survival of the fittest where a common man cannot survive for long with his limited resources. So I say that affiliate marketing is the business for common man like you and me.
Network Marketing is much more than making a lot of money.

Here people are treated equally and everybody gets the equal opportunity to build his or her business. We can say we stand for more egalitarian society. Here again we got an open door policy and anybody can buy and participate in affiliate programs without differentiating on ground of cast, religion, region, sex or nationality. It is truly international and universal and that is why I love it. It is my choice and definitely it can be your choice too.

Why do the most start-up network marketers fail?

1. The first and foremost cause of failure in network marketing is lack of quality products.

2. Lack of proper marketing tools like a well maintained website with a good hosting service provider, auto responder system to capture the visitors details like email addresses and names, list builder, email campaigning system, video uploading system, web conferencing or webinar, shopping cart ,etc. are also another major problem for net-worker to fail.

3. Not understanding these high complicated technologies is another cause of the failure. Websites, auto responder system, auto prospecting, list building, email campaigns, video up loading, video conferencing, SEO, blog posts, key word content, tag, PPC, solo ads, all these seems to be new to you is also another major problem. That is where you need proper mentor or leader who can solve your problems easily.

That is why I recommend a good network company or even a rare combination of products and companies which can be multiple sources of income as well as you can depend upon the valuable products to support to build your business.



Here I got rare combination networking and affiliate programs arranged in such a manner one compliments the other.

Get your highly converting and proven website model all made for you FREE.

This website which is capable of bringing five huge incomes monthly studded with five affiliate programs which are proven and spread all over the world.

A franchise model system to utilize to build your networking business and also you are permitted to hand over the same system which proved itself to your customers FREE.

All the training programs, e-book which is very useful to build your internet business and many other bonuses you get as a Plug-In Profit Site member can also be given to anyone who joins your team.

Make internet marketing much easier when you are with Plug-In Profit Site.

This has simplified our Internet Marketing Business a lot.
Where do you can find proper products and Companies to build your affiliate or network marketing business?
1. GVO – Web Hosting Company
You need your own website to promote you affiliate businesses or network marketing products. GVO -the web hosting company which also supplies auto responder, video uploading facility, web conferencing, blogger builder training, GVO live training programs and many more facilities.
GVO is also an affiliate marketing company itself and you can become an affiliate with GVO and earn from one the most rewarding affiliate company in the world and also enjoy the products and services offered by the company.

2. Empower Network Business.
Viral Blogging System, Blog Beast – Blogging Platform which revolutionizes the whole system of blogging, video up loading and mobile application which is to use and even a beginner can do easily. The training programs are marvelous and the products are worth more than their prices.
Empower Network’s compensation plan is a revolution in itself in the network marketing industry. A hundred percent commission to its members is something that no other company in the industry can match.

3. Strong Future International (SFI)
E-commerce Company dealing more than 65000 products and having its presence in more than 200 countries. Millions of people are working as affiliates throughout the world and making good affiliate income and there NO AFFILIATE FEE in SFI and need only life term registration to remain a member.

The Author

Lawrence Abraham

I'm Lawrence Abraham. I'm an active Internet Marketer and I promote Home Based Businesses Online. I'm a Network Marketer and I love it. Now my fascination is Information Technology (IT) and I actively involve in Internet Marketing and E-commerce Business. Professionally I am a Construction Contractor and a Real Estate Management Consultant and I still I'm quite successful at it. I love marketing and I like to interact with people. I love people with high ambition and high aim in life. I love massive action takers. I love to help people to attain their financial goals. I am a strong believer of God. I love all human beings and I want to contribute something for their well being. I strongly promote universal brotherhood. I passionately involve, participate and promote affiliate programs like DubLi, GVO, SFI, 7 Minute Workout and Dot Com Secret X.
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