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How to Build a High Traffic Website? Part- 6: Writing Valuable Articles or Blogs Regularly.

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How to Build a High Traffic Website? Part- 6: Writing Valuable Articles or Blogs Regularly.

The most important, the cheapest and natural method of building up traffic to your site is article writing.  Publishing blogs with valuable and useful information at regular intravels is the most reliable way of attracting visitors to your website. Following are some of factors you should keep in mind when you want to create good contents and thereby building a steady and rapidly growing traffic to your website. Effective article writing is the human side of traffic building for your success. If you want to be successful in online business you cannot just ignore or care less for these factors. In the last few days we were discussing about the technical aspect of your website or the different methods to be followed to build a high traffic website for you. And now we shall the human aspect of article writing.

1.    Write Valuable Articles.

Are your articles worthy of being read by millions of people?  Remember that the purpose of content is to benefit others and to provide value to the readers.  Do your articles provide genuine value, and are they the best articles you are capable of providing?

When I am writing an article in this website, I imagine myself standing on stage before an audience of thousands of people.  Then I ask myself, “What shall I say to this audience of fellow human beings?”

It is to make sure that I always give the best to my readers as far I can and best of my knowledge. I also would make sure that I do the necessary revisions and editing, from time to time to keep my writing contemporary and updated.  I am not saying that I always succeed, but this is the mindset that helps me create strong content. Just think about the effects you want your writing to have on your readers.

Since I write about personal development, confidence building, self-reliance, effective team building, leadership patterns, home-based business, network marketing, affiliate marketing business, online marketing, multi-level marketing, etc. I want my articles to be the most effective and the most beneficial writing to change people for better life.  My intention is to expand their thinking abilities, to raise their consciousness, to help them eliminate fear from their lives, to help them to lead a more self-reliant life, inculcate leadership qualities in them, to help them to transform them to be businessmen, help them to build a home based business, help them to build online marketing business, to help them to build an affiliate business to earn money independently, to educate them to build a successful network marketing business, to help them to achieve spiritual enlightenment, to help them to attain economic freedom, help to them to build a successful online business, and above all help them to be  better human beings. If my writing doesn’t change my readers’ thinking, actions, economic life, social awareness, and help them to achieve economic and spiritual wellbeing then my value isn’t being transferred well enough.

When you focus on providing real value to your readers, they are going to appreciate you and they would frequent your website for finding solutions for their problems. They need a good friend’s advice and unknowingly they develop a healthy and strong relationship with you.  And they’ll refer others to your website and your traffic grows and your network grows to the new levels. Strong content is universally valued and appreciated by everyone.

It definitely takes real hard work to create it, but in the long run it generates lots of long-term referral traffic. I would rather write one article with real value, even if it is lengthy and it takes more of my valuable time than writing 30 or smaller articles in a month, and feel proud and be satisfied.  It’s been my experience that the best articles I write would outperform all the forgettable little posts I’ve made.  That is I want to emphasize that quality is more important than quantity.  Quantity without quality, however, is easier, which is one of the reasons more people use that strategy. It should be noted that, however, the Internet already contains more quantity than any of us can ever absorb in our lifetime, but there will always be a place for good quality blogs that stand out from the crowd. If you have nothing of genuine value to offer to a large audience, you may not require a high-traffic website either.  And if you don’t require one, you probably won’t get it and that wouldn’t reach you to your destination and life’s goal. So each time you write, focus on writing the best article you can write.  You’ll get better as you go along, but always do your best and that is the best strategy you can adopt to keep ahead of the crowd.

2. Create original content.

You may not be the best writer in the world nor can everybody be. But you can be true to yourself. You are good at something and you can master that by making real effort. Be ready to give your best to others who seek your help. Find out the better quality in you and write about that in your own words or write about a subject that interests you. That makes your article original and virtual.

Even though I started my blog with someone’s help, I make sure that I write my own articles in my websites and blogs. I rarely post blog entries that merely relate to what others are writing.  Of course it takes more effort to produce original content, but it’s my preferred long-term strategy. Many times people have invited me for guest writer but I have always refused to oblige and no interest in creating contents for other sites.  I want my sites to be the final destination, don’t want be a middleman or a guest writer though these strategies can help you to build link to other sites. This topic I have covered in the last article; if want to more about this topic please do read the article published on 13th August 2014. Consequently, when people arrive in my sites, they often stick around for a while to read my articles.  Chances are good that if you like one of my articles, you may enjoy others too.

Yes, there’s a lot to read on this website, but there is also a lot of value attached to it if want pursue a home based online business.  Some people have told me they’ve read for many hours straight, and they leave as different people.  I think anyone who reads articles and pages in this website for several hours straight is going to experience a shift in awareness.  When you read a lot of dense, original content from a single person, it’s going to have an impact on you.  And this website contents are written with the intention to help you to grow. Although I’m not big on competing with others, it’s hard to compete with an original content site.

Anyone can start their own web site, but the flavor of this site is unique simply because no one else has had the exact the same experiences as me. I write from my experience; and my experience is unique and so is my way of doing things is unique. I don’t want do anything like the crowd do. My golden advise to my readers is that if you want to be successful in online marketing is that learn, implement and teach. That is to say, learn what you don’t know. Practice what you learned. Tell your team what you learned and how you learned and how they too can learn and where they can learn. Teach your team easiest and sustainable ways of learning and teaching. When you try to do this simple practice your website becomes the real source of learning and teaching and thousands of people will be benefited from it and your traffic goes up and do your sales and income.

While I think sites that mainly post content from others have the potential to build traffic faster in the beginning, I think original content sites have an easier time keeping their traffic, which makes for a more solid, long-term foundation.  Not everyone is going to like my works, but those who like, appreciate and benefit is going to stick on and it is growing and my strategy is working.

To Be Continued…


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I'm Lawrence Abraham. I'm an active Internet Marketer and I promote Home Based Businesses Online. I'm a Network Marketer and I love it. Now my fascination is Information Technology (IT) and I actively involve in Internet Marketing and E-commerce Business. Professionally I am a Construction Contractor and a Real Estate Management Consultant and I still I'm quite successful at it. I love marketing and I like to interact with people. I love people with high ambition and high aim in life. I love massive action takers. I love to help people to attain their financial goals. I am a strong believer of God. I love all human beings and I want to contribute something for their well being. I strongly promote universal brotherhood. I passionately involve, participate and promote affiliate programs like DubLi, GVO, SFI, 7 Minute Workout and Dot Com Secret X.
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