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How to Build A High Traffic Website? Part-4 Paid Advertising

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How to Build A High Traffic Website? Paid Advertising

A well designed website, a website with content rich articles and pages, a website providing relevant information free of cost, a website that ensures your reachability and trustworthiness is the prerequisite for your success in online marketing. Think of online marketing, think of fully automated owned website. Your independent website ensures your control over your business and you can reach out your customers without any pre-conditions. If you depend on free hosting service provider,  usually, they limit the number of pages and posts you can load. That is to affirm once more that if you ever want to build an online business and reach out to people you should possess and operate your own website with an independent domain and a paid server service or hosted on your own dedicated server. Again and again I want to emphasize the point that if you want to have good number of quality visitors to your website you should keep in mind human aspect of your business above all; that is simply to say that your website should give human visitors valuable, original and worthwhile content. They should feel comfortable and they should feel that they get information or guidance with no strings attached. You should be able to build confidence in them and they stand to gain if they do business with you or they got a better deal from you than from your competitors. That is to say that you give compelling reasons to why they should buy from you or why they got a better option to do business with you or even why they should visit you again and again. That is providing value to your customers above all; and this strategy that will take you to success and according to me, is a far better strategy than anything else. Do not ever try to lure visitors to your site by misguiding promises or by unrelated link advertising giving a foals idea about your website or product you sell. The next important aspect is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) relate subjects those which are to satisfy the search engine robots. These are also important factors you just cannot ignore if you want to build your high traffic website. In the previous article we discussed about title tag, META Key words, META Description etc. Now it is time to discus about the paid methods building web traffic that also the more targeted traffic that starts to convert faster.

Google AdWords

If you do a search at Google, you’ll notice that not only do you get a list of all the websites that reflux your keywords; you also get a list of other relevant ads on the right of the page and at the top of the listing. These are part of Google’s AdWords program. Advertising like this can certainly be an important part of your marketing plan. Well-developed ads with clever wordings can prompt an immediate response from the reader to visit your site. Google makes a lot of money with this kind of advertising, and if they’re making money, you can be sure their advertisers, too do make enough money from those advertisements. You can learn more about Google’s AdWords program here: Buying AdWords advertising on Google is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to promote your website. In effect, Google has combined the Pay-per-Click system with its own relevancy calculations. To get started, you’ll need to select a keyword and write a short description. You will also have to choose how much you wish to pay for each click, but that won’t guarantee your position.

Google advertisers enter a maximum bid per click and this is multiplied by the click-through rate (the percentage of users who click on the ad). That’s the score Google uses to allocate position. So for example, if you were prepared to pay a dollar per click, and one user in a hundred who saw your ad clicked on it, you would get a rank number of ($)1 x 1% = 0.01. Let’s say that gives you top position. You might then get even more users and a higher click-through rate of 2%. That higher rate would reduce your price to 50 cents (0.01 divided by 2%).
That sounds nice, and it’s always fun to pay less than you’ve said you can afford, but how it works is less important than the fact that it does work. All you have to do is figure out how much you’re prepared to pay for each click, how much you can afford to pay each month, and write a great description. And once again, it’s the description that’s key. Like the PPC’s, your description has to persuade users that you’re relevant; it doesn’t have to play to the search engine’s software. By all means repeat the keyword, but also make sure you have well, call-to action copy like “Grab a great deal on DVD’s today!” or “Buy now, while stocks last!” Remember, the more clicks you get, the more sales you’ll make and the less you’ll pay.

Always place your AdWords ad in the most appropriate category and track the responses you receive from it. Be proactive in redefining your strategy if you receive minimal response. You will probably need to experiment with the wording of your ads and your keyword selection for a while until you get the results you want.

Link Popularity and Link Analysis

The majority of the major search engines use link popularity as an important factor in ranking relevancy. As search engines have become more sophisticated, so too has link popularity. Link popularity simply is the number of links from other websites that point to your website. This strategy has gained immense success due to the crawling nature of most search engines. Spiders crawl from link to link and store pages into their database. Link popularity is generally gained through reciprocal linking. Other websites would usually link to your website only if you have a link to their website from yours first. Years ago, the number of websites linking to your site gauged link popularity; little emphasis was placed on the “content relevancy” of the linking site. In an effort to gain more link popularity, “link farms” began sprouting up across the web. For a nominal fee, a website owner could join link farms and enjoy increased link popularity overnight.
Search engines caught onto this tactic and created better tools for detecting legitimate links. Websites that have links from websites with “similar” or “relevant” content score higher, thus earn better placement in search engines. This being said, you should avoid joining “link farms” because most search engines consider them a form of spam. Many engines will actually penalize sites for maintaining an abundance of links from nonrelated websites. It is more important than ever to develop a solid “link-popularity” strategy. One excellent, although time consuming, method is to simply contact complimentary websites via email or telephone requesting a link exchange with the Webmaster.
Link analysis is somewhat different than measuring link popularity. While link popularity is generally used to measure the number of pages that link to a particular site, link analysis will go beyond this and analyze the popularity of the pages that link to your pages. In a way, link analysis is a chain analysis system that accords weighting to every page that links to the target site, with weights determined by the popularity of those pages. Search engines use link analysis in their page-ranking algorithm. Search engines also try to determine the context of those links, in other words, how closely those links relate to the search string. For example if the search string was “toys”, and if there were links from other sites that either had the word toys within the link or in close proximity of the link, the ranking algorithm determines that this is a higher priority link and ranks the page, that this is linked to, higher.

To Be Continued…..


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