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Staying in the Game Working At Home

Mindset is always important to anything in your life, from how you see things when you wake up, for example it’s ‘going to be a great day'(!) or ‘just another day’, (ho hum). Obviously it is much easier to go through life having a positive attitude and always expecting the best from others as well as from your own efforts.

However it seems we need a little extra help staying positive and realizing we are still part of the big picture when we work at home alone. Sometimes it does not come at all natural for people to be alone most of the time and it can get depressing if we let it. As well there may eventually manifest the smothering feeling of ‘cabin fever’ from staying home.

The extra help we may need could be anything as simple as setting a time each day to leave the house to go outside for fresh air and exercise – even just an hour will do wonders; Or it can involve maybe signing up at the local community college to take a

Online Home Business Entrepreneur – Bucking Up

One of the most detrimental ‘habits’ or ‘traits’ for anyone doing anything is a sense of entitlement. Nobody owes you anything other than what they have literally agreed to. It is particularly harmful to people who are learning to start their own business if they believe someone else is responsible for their success or failure.

Being new, being computer illiterate, etc are not valid excuses where we become entitled to someone else doing our work (unless they have agreed specifically to do so or we are paying them). If we don’t know something then we need to learn it. ‘Information is power’ is certainly true, that is if we use the information to take action. If there is free training available certainly take advantage of it. If necessary pay for training through a community college (online) or some other online resource that is free or inexpensive.

We must take responsibility for our own actions. If we buy something then we

Internet Marketing – What Goes Around Comes Around

Everything that you do on the Internet can link back to your ‘brand’ or domain name. If you are posting in business forums, social networks, blogs, or article directories using your domain name in your signature file or ‘author bio box’, it will create back-links from that site to yours. Back-links show the search engines that you are engaged in your business so they do not hesitate to send their customers to your links.

The cycle continues as everything you do online is associated to you – for example you may establish yourself as an expert in your field if your articles and blog posts are informative, interesting, and hence have value. Note here that straight spam-type advertisements are never pleasant or attractive to anyone. It is not to say you can’t advertise or promote your business in your content, but it should be discreet and be in the context of information rather than ‘pushing’.

Another thing that goes aroun

Ideas for a Home Business

Although not all businesses have to be related to computers and/or the Internet, it is highly recommended to pursue the Internet as the way and the means by which you market and advertise any home business. You will find that everything is less expensive, much faster and easier and more effective in that you can reach so many more people.

For example just a guy that made videos of his dog misbehaving has gotten over 25 million hits! Too bad he is not selling anything. He should think of something with a response like that. Some things that come to mind that would work well with a site dedicated to those videos could range from pure kitsch, like a framed portrait of the dog which could be sold as tee shirts or refrigerator magnets, to something substantial like treats for pets and pet accessories (pet beds, leashes, training books, or toys). This would be called ‘monetizing’ the site. It is likely animal lovers or people who have pets would be interested in the

Going Along With the Plan = Staying on Target

In the long-run, the worst time to be an ‘individualist’ or ‘non-conformist’ would be when trying to learn something new or navigate in strange waters. It is very difficult to follow instructions when one is ‘going their own way’. Usually when we are impetuous in this regard, we end up wasting time and resources when we need to do everything over again, since it wasn’t done correctly because we didn’t follow directions.

While being ‘out of the box’ is seen as (and is) mostly always intelligent BECAUSE it diverges from the norm, when learning an ‘art’ or a ‘science’ it can only be logical for us to see at least how something COULD be done (and is). So being really smart AND sensible is staying in the box just long enough to see what is going on with people who know how to (and who are) actually doing something successfully.

They say to gain the mindset of a successful person (and to

Can’t Find a Job? Make Money At Home!

Long gone are the days where we could depend on finding a job automatically, or that people could just up and quit a job because they felt they could find something better – whether it was more money or more interesting, better location, people could pick and choose when it came to a job. Nowadays the people are more likely to just feel thankful that they have a job at all and learn to live with what they can’t change.

We never know what jobs will be cut and they don’t usually give a lot of warning so as to limit the ability to retaliate by sabotage, etc. It is becoming more and more common through a couple of the job recessions in recent decades, that even higher education does not make you immune to the cycle of losing a job and not finding a replacement anytime soon. The big difference is job elimination. It is not just people moving in and out, being promoted, demoted, retiring or whatever — the position is gone. Not being filled anymore –

Are All Affiliate Marketing Programs Created Equal?

The simple answer is ‘No’. Why? There are several factors to consider. Among the top ones are the legitimacy of the principals, the cost to join and to maintain your membership, the compensation plan, and the resources included.

The legitimacy of the principals: This refers to the owners of the program and doing due diligence to find out their reputation. How long have they been around? What is their background? Have they had any other businesses besides the one you are thinking of joining? Do you recognize anyone giving testimonials about them? Do their claims seem realistic as far as what they have achieved?

Note here that there is a thin gray line. When you are making your inquiries online, you may find negative comments. The vast majority of these comments are posted by malcontents – people who expected miracles, who felt entitled, who are jealous, and who are angry because there is no magical formula by which anyone can have wealth without

Thinking of Starting a Business Online – Where to Begin

First of all you need a real plan. A plan would outline what resources you have to invest, as far as your time, money and skills. There are no deal breakers here as even if you have very little time and/or money and skills you can still start a business on the Internet. Depending on how determined you are, there are ways to make up for any deficit you may perceive.

The key there is determination. If you have absolutely no money to work with then outside of starting to save a few dollars every time you get money, there is also taking stock of what you do spend your money on. All bets are off that if you are really committed to the idea of having your own business, you can make a few sacrifices as far as non-essentials – entertainment, trips, or luxuries.

You can be real direct with this and for example when you would normally pay for tickets to some event, take the exact amount you would pay and put it away in a savings account for your business operating expenses.

The Easiest & Fastest Ways to Start an Online Business at Home

Without a doubt one of the easiest ways to start making money online is to join one or more affiliate programs. You need only to ‘brainstorm’ a couple different ways to start a business and include some of the more critical details in getting started, to realize which are easiest.

There are affiliate programs where you can promote tangible products such as in an ‘independent distributor’ situation where you will drop-ship to your customers; you can promote digital products such as would be delivered online by download – software, different technical services, etc.; and you can promote the affiliate program itself to earn commissions for referrals.

You might want to consider a combination of these as some are easier to sell (in addition to easier to implement). This may include a combination of one-time-sales and residual income which recurs monthly. It may be easier to make a one-time-sale as there isn’t as much commitment involved as in residual income.

Starting a New Business – You Will or You Will Try

When you say you ‘will’ do something you are making a very positive, emphatic statement. You are determined and there is no possibility in your mind that anything but success will be the result. However when you say you ‘will try’, that is wishy-washy – it implies you may fail and that you are not convinced that you can accomplish whatever it is.

Since no one can know the future we don’t in fact absolutely know we will succeed without a doubt but it is important to our mindset that we do not entertain any doubt because it will weaken our resolve. It is very important to understand this distinction because when you are starting a new business everything is unknown – what to do, how to do it, which things work best, what doesn’t work, etc. So if ‘seeing is believing’ then what must walking in faith be? It is believing in the unseen.

This is obviously much more difficult and that is why we really need to have mental discipline in order to remain

Self-Employed – It’s Tax Time!

Naturally if you owe money it is not your favorite time of year and if you are owed money you can’t wait to file. You can file any time after January up until April 15. Actually if self-employed you are expected to file quarterly estimated taxes. What you may not realize is you can get around this by paying a small fine each year. Some people would rather have the money on hand for emergencies and don’t mind the fine. Probably best if you can pay quarterly as you always want to save money wherever you can.

You would need to file form 1040 with Schedule A to itemize deductions. You also need to include schedule SE for the special tax they have for self-employed people. Then there is Form 8829 for use of your home for business, with which you can deduct a percentage of expenses such as utilities, rent or mortgage, etc. This all goes with Schedule C, Profit and Loss from Business.

Always consult with the IRS website (irs.gov) to be sure what is required for th

Make Your Dream Home Business Come True

It is likely you have thought about starting your own business before – off-and-on, over the years. Maybe it is when you realize how sick you are of your routine; maybe when you want to buy something and then realize you are not making enough money; or maybe when your boss looks down his nose at you.

The only problem with fantasies is they are not real; not until you make them real by taking action. Fantasies are good up to a point because they may compel us to do something to make them happen in real life. It is a pretty individual thing how long it will take you to really have a realistic plan to start a business. By the time you actually ‘just do it’, it may have taken several turns and twists.

One really good rule of thumb is to find a business that has a market. Great to be innovative and unique, but what you want is a mass response. Being different is great, but unfortunately it is what is the status quo that generates business for the most part – w

Home-based Business Start-Up – Staying Motivated

You really have to have a certain level of self-esteem and self-confidence in order to survive starting-up a business. If you don’t naturally have those gifts then you need to somehow manufacture them. Self-esteem is something that is within and it could be likened to self-love.

You really need to like yourself regardless of who else may not like you or any situation in your life that made you feel bad. We all have those trials and tribulations and we can’t let them scar us. We must just acknowledge them and the pain or chaos they may have caused, accept that there may be nothing we can do to change it and then just move on.

When we feel it creeping up it will help to have something to do that counters the emotion. It can be as simple as forcing yourself to smile and hold it for a few seconds; you might also say to yourself that you are a good and happy person and mean it. Take a deep breath to cleanse yourself of the static and move on. If you have the time

Home Business Start-Up – Try and Try Again

Sometimes when we attempt to do something it is just not the right time, for whatever reason. These reasons can include lack of time, lack of money, and/or lack of initiative. It may take you several starts to actually get the ball rolling. From there only time will tell if you are able to sustain it. If you pick up the ball but do not run far with it, that’s ok – put it away and come back another day.

There seems to be a common pattern however, that is self-defeating, and that is that people come in like gangbusters, all inspired and determined to succeed. Some would say they are ‘on fire’; but then when they don’t see immediate results, they just back off, which is exactly the opposite of what they should do, which is try harder.

Maybe it would be better to just start off on an even, logical keel and see where that takes you. There is actually a saying somewhere about this and how a fire that starts out white hot is quick to burn out; but a fire that i

Hate Your Job? Create a Business at Home You Can Love!

Obviously it is more fun doing things we like. Too often in life we are forced to tolerate things because we have no choice and this is particularly so with a job. Most companies know specifically what tasks they need done and define a job by those tasks. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have a job that at least offers a variety of things to do. That makes it possible to like some aspects of it more than others, which helps a little to get through it.

So if you are planning on starting your own business this is your chance to design something that you enjoy doing. You might start by making a few lists that include your interests and hobbies and another one that has all your job experience and skills. Then you can drill down on each point and for example start to analyze ways you could make money from your interests and hobbies and/or with which you could use the skills you have.

Some examples might be if you really love to play golf. The first thing you migh

Being Realistic is the Ticket to Success in Your Business

While dreaming ‘big’ is not a bad idea at all, we must remember who and where we are and what our limitations may be if any. It’s a simple matter of what is doable and what isn’t. So starting right out at the basics of our business plan – two critical resources are time and money.

It is all too easy to consider ‘funny money’ (credit) when you are determining how much you can squeeze out of your budget for your business each month. This however is a bad idea. Not just because you are paying interest on that money but because you have to pay the bill each month and then that is in addition to whatever it is that you charged. This adds up and all too often we can lose control – even with the best intentions of paying the full balance each month.

Do some simple math. Look at your income, versus your expenses to live. Whatever is left over would be what you have to work with. You will be very surprised though if your business is your first priority

Be Flexible In Your Home Business Start-Up Plan

A good analogy is the difference between water and earth. Water is able to flow over, under and through any solid matter. Earth on the other hand is solid and has various limitations about where it can go and what it can do. You want to be able to ‘go with the flow’ wherever it leads at any given time. There will be obstacles almost certainly but you do not want them to ever stop you. You need to learn how to go around them if you can’t resolve them.

You want to be able to move in whatever direction you find is conducive to business. If the niche or market you have chosen is not showing any promise then at the very least you should have the ability to add additional products or services so as to fit into another niche. This is one reason why the ‘multiple streams of income’ concept is so wise. In that case the premise (for one thing) is that if one stream is not moving or has even dried up, it won’t be as serious to your bottom line if you have others that

Work From Home – Drive Traffic Instead of Being Stuck in it

Seriously, this is not funny. Have you ever calculated how much time and money you spend commuting to and from your job? It is serious, stressful work for which you are not being paid, and in fact is costing you money.

When considering whether it would benefit you to work from home, start right there with how much you spend on gasoline, bridge tolls, parking, car maintenance, or public transportation. You will probably determine that right off the bat you would be saving several hundred dollars every month if you worked from home. If you have small children then you could add the cost of child care and the transportation related to that if applicable to get the best picture.

Then you can also include the fact that you have various tax benefits you can claim for the ‘business use of your home’. It is a percentage of square feet of your rent or mortgage, your utilities, your Internet connectivity, phone, etc. that can be deducted from your earnings. Be su

Starting an Online Business – Focus is your Friend

‘Focus’ may be one of those ‘by-words’ that people just take for granted that they understand. They believe they are focused because they commit to sit down at their computer and ‘do’ business for X number of hours. If you really take stock though of what you are spending your time on, you will find that much of it is actually wasting your time and in fact you are not focused at all on what you need to do; the worst part is if you foster that type of activity you will start to spin your wheels.

Spinning wheels means you are not going anywhere. You are not making any progress and you just start to sink like quicksand in all the information. Then you may figure you just can’t handle it or it just isn’t for you because you just don’t understand it all. Spinning your wheels is cousin to ‘information overload’ and ‘paralysis by analysis’. It also has relationship to what may be called ‘the kid i

Be Targeted and Focused to Make Your Dream Home Business Come True.

Be Targeted and Focused to Make Your Dream Home Business Come True You may be very often think of starting your own business but keep prolonging for want of enough capital, infrastructure, technology,skilled workforce and other manpower sources. It is likely you might have thought about starting your own business may be for years. The […]

Internet Marketing Strategy – Why Saying Something is Very Easy is Not Always the Best thing to build your business.

Internet Marketing Strategy – Why Saying Something is Very Easy is Not Always the Best thing to build your business. ‘Easy’ can mean a lot of different things to different people. It is completely subjective. What is easy for one is difficult for another; but that is beside the point. More needs to be said […]

Network Marketing Tips- On giving freebies to your prospects.

Network Marketing – On giving freebies to your prospects. Do you want to grow your home business by giving Freebies, Free Memberships or sponsoring some prospects whom you think would be an asset to your team and they would work if given a chance. These types of sponsoring very seldom works and you would be […]

Being Realistic is the key to Success in Your Business

Being Realistic is the key to Success in Your Business While dreaming ‘big’ is probably the best idea in your life, you must remember to evaluate yourself well in advance before you plan your new venture. You should see what the resources available to you and what are the unique qualities you have and how […]

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