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Why Do You Want to Start a Home Business?


Most people likely would just say they want to start a home business to make money. To what degree depends on the individual circumstances. It could be extra money to pay bills because the regular paycheck is not ‘stretching’ as far as necessary. It could be extra money for some special thing like a vacation or a new car for example. It could be extra money to create some savings or investments for retirement or a ‘safety net’.
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Money could be needed more critically if someone has lost their job and has been unable to find another one, and need to replace their salary. This is the scenario where they would be better off if they had started something part-time that they could capitalize on where ‘spare time’ is all they have right now! It is important to plan for the unexpected just like we should do for earthquakes or hurricanes

Take Control of Your Life – Earn an Income from Home


Unless you have been holed up in an igloo the past 20 years you must have heard the horror stories about people suddenly losing their jobs without cause and without notice, and many of them unable to replace their income. You must know that many of the industries that created employment here in the US have been moved to foreign countries where they can pay almost nothing for labor.

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It is actually the position or even company that is being eliminated – so the position is not going to be available to someone else in many cases. In spite of selling the workforce down the river, the last recession has shown that the businesses themselves can go bankrupt and consequently go out of business. Bottom line is that many thousands of new jobs that would be created, are not. No more taking it for granted that you can always find another job.

This is hitting peopl

Online Home Business Entrepreneur – Bucking Up


One of the most detrimental ‘habits’ or ‘traits’ for anyone doing anything is a sense of entitlement. Nobody owes you anything other than what they have literally agreed to. It is particularly harmful to people who are learning to start their own business if they believe someone else is responsible for their success or failure.

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Being new, being computer illiterate, etc, are not valid excuses where we are entitled to someone else doing our work (unless they have agreed specifically to do so or we are paying them). If we don’t know something then we need to learn it. ‘Information is power’ is certainly true, that is if we use the information to take action. If there is free training available certainly take advantage of it. If necessary pay for training through a community college (online) or some other online resource that is f

Internet Marketing – What Goes Around Comes Around


Everything that you do on the Internet can link back to your ‘brand’ or domain name. If you are posting in business forums, social networks, blogs, or article directories using your domain name in your signature file or ‘author bio-box’, it will create back-links from that site to yours. Back-links show the search engines that you are engaged in your business so they do not hesitate to send their customers to your links.


The cycle continues as everything you do online is associated to you – for example you may establish yourself as an expert in your field if your articles and blog posts are informative, interesting, and hence have value. Note here that straight spam-type advertisements are never pleasant or attractive to anyone. It is not to say you can’t advertise or promote your business in your content, but it should be discreet and be in the c

Ideas for a Home Business


Although not all businesses have to be related to computers and/or the Internet, it is highly recommended to pursue the Internet as the way and the means by which you market and advertise any home business. You will find that everything is less expensive, much faster and easier and more effective in that you can reach so many more people.

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For example just a guy that made videos of his dog misbehaving has gotten over 25 million hits! Too bad he is not selling anything. He should think of something with a response like that. Some things that come to mind that would work well with a site dedicated to those videos could range from pure kitsch, like a framed portrait of the dog which could be sold as tee shirts or refrigerator magnets, to something substantial like treats for pets and pet accessories (pet beds, leashes, training books, or toys). This would be called ‘monetizing

Can’t Find a Job? Make Money At Home!


Long gone are the days where we could depend on finding a job automatically; or that people could just up and quit a job because they felt they could find something better — whether it was more money or more interesting, better location, people could pick and choose when it came to a job. Nowadays the people are more likely to just feel thankful that they have a job at all and learn to live with what they can’t change.


We never know what jobs will be cut and they don’t usually give a lot of warning so as to limit the ability to retaliate by sabotage, etc. It is becoming more and more common through a couple of the job recessions in recent decades, that even higher education does not make you immune to the cycle of losing a job and not finding a replacement anytime soon. The big difference is job elimination. It is not just people moving in and o

Are All Affiliate Marketing Programs Created Equal?


The simple answer is ‘no’. Why? There are several factors to consider. Among the top ones are the legitimacy of the principals, the cost to join and to maintain your membership, the compensation plan, and the resources included.

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The legitimacy of the principals: This refers to the owners of the program and doing due diligence to find out their reputation. How long have they been around? What is their background? Have they had any other businesses besides the one you are thinking of joining? Do you recognize anyone giving testimonials about them? Do their claims seem realistic as far as what they have achieved?

Note here that there is a thin gray line. When you are making your inquiries online, you may find negative comments. The vast majority of these comments are posted by malcontents – people who expected miracles, who felt entitled, wh

Work at Home – Multiple Streams of Income


The concept of multiple streams of income is a very wise one that will give you some security. If you are just starting to work from home to build your own business, you should consider this because it makes so much sense on so many different levels.

multiple streams

Mainly the theory is that if you have different sources of income (for example different affiliate programs), that if one source is not doing so well one month, it won’t matter as much because you still have income from the other sources to tide you over.

Another aspect of this is that some affiliate programs pay lower commissions and only by virtue of sheer volume it adds up to a tidy sum; and/or it is also a good idea having commissions from other sources to create a more substantial income. This is how lots of different affiliate programs can work for you. At face value you may think you don’t w

Success = Mindset Plus Action


It is believed that if you have a positive attitude and have faith in yourself that you can do most anything you set out to do within reason. We must not forget that just ‘feeling good’ won’t do anything except maybe make you happy and you may even live longer as a result. However it does not get the job done. You have to take your positive attitude and put it to work for you by taking action.


The experts lately are telling people there are 3 parts to a successful mindset. #1 To be grateful for all of your blessings. This is not just money but includes talents and skills, your health and your entire lifestyle. Sometimes this is hard for us to realize when we have so many problems and ‘times are tough’ almost all the time now.

It is sad to realize how many people do not have the benefits that you enjoy – if you need to ge

Start-Up Business – If At First You Don’t Succeed…


The saying goes something like ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’. When you are starting a new business you have to keep this in mind if you are determined to make it work. If you have a ‘half-hearted’ attitude it won’t carry you through the hard times. You have to be totally engaged in your idea to get even to first base, let alone to make a home run.

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Many times when we get an idea or have a dream, we are not realistic in our efforts to see it through. Many people who are attracted to the idea of starting a business from home online really do not apply themselves. They have an attitude as if they are in a magic shop and going to put a nickel in one of those machines that supposedly tells your fortune. ‘Let me see if this will work’ they muse. Does money tumble out of the slot? More than likely not, an

Starting a New Home Business Online – Keep on Truckin’


Like with anything in life, in starting a new business you may encounter many obstacles. It is important to not let them throw you off. Instead, learn to resolve those problems that you can and to go around those you can’t. The point is not to let anything stop you from achieving your goal of a successful business.

homebusiness money money money

There is nothing instant or magical about making money online. While it is a great deal easier and cheaper to start a business online than it would be offline, it is still reality. Reality is such that in most cases in order to make money we have to work at it. Not just half-way or once in a while but we have to be engaged in our business all the time until we get it set up and running.

While some things can run on ‘autopilot’ that would be only after they are researched, learned and set up. There are ac

Realizing Your Dream – Internet Marketing


Do you remember when you were a kid and you dreamed about what you want to be when you grow up? This likely changed several times by the time you grew up! Then if you had an idea of what you wanted to do with your life, you may have gone to college to pursue that. You had to do research on which colleges had the best curriculum, how much it costs to go there, costs for living arrangements, etc. Then you determined whether it was feasible for you or not at that time. Do you have the grades to qualify for that school? Do you have the money? If not, what loans are available to you?


The point is people don’t just sit there and dream and then suddenly everything materializes so that they can realize their dream. They have to do planning and research and then develop that into a step-by-step process that will get them to where they want to go. They also ne

Realistic Dreams – Home Business Start-up


‘Dream big’ gets a lot of press. Certainly the idea is not to limit yourself and to ‘aim high’, to believe that you can be whatever you want to be. However this concept can be self-sabotaging if one is not realistic. If you dream of being an astro-physicist, shouldn’t you factor in the many years of education you would need to realize that dream? If you are realistic you will – if you are silly you will just shoot for waking up tomorrow in a lab coat.

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The same goes for a home business. It can be everything that you could possibly dream it could be; this is true and it is proven by the many entrepreneurs that have made it so by actually doing it. It is not always apparent what all they had to endure to get to where they are. Unless you carefully consider all things, you might miss the part about working hard at least to build

Home Alone? Be Bizzy Working

Looking at being home alone from a few perspectives, with and without a home business, a few things ring true either way. While being home is great and so far superior to commuting, it can get lonely.


If you do not take regular ‘breathers’ to get out of the house or at the very least to do something besides your business, it can feel depressing and smothering, like “cabin fever”, no matter how much fun you are having with your home business. You need to refresh your browser!

At the same time, and in the same vein, you need to be able to stop working sometimes even though it is midnight and you can’t go outside or go shopping to get away from it. You need to sleep and to rest and relax – If you need to make an appointment to schedule this with yourself, just do it.

Totally on the other hand, if you do stay home a lot

Affiliate Marketing Programs


One of the best ways to get started with an online business is to try affiliate marketing. The primary reason being that everything is all put together for you and you can just sit down and get started right off the bat with learning how to market a business on the Internet.


While some people may balk at the membership fees, they should actually be grateful that this is a small price to pay for all that they will be provided just by virtue of their membership. They will save untold hours and much more money in that again, everything is put together already.

There is no learning how to build a sales page because the affiliate program will provide one, encoded with the affiliate ID that is associated with the membership. When any sales are made from that page, they will be credited to the member. Additionally the affiliate program will handle the cu

Visualize What Your Successful Home Business Would Look Like


Let’s just look at the work you are doing and if you are enjoying it at all or not. Likely when you are starting out you will be working on over-drive. While this is certainly admirable and necessary from time to time, it shouldn’t be the norm. Or do you enjoy being really engaged and focused?

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Realize that you are building over time and you may be on the foundation level at this point. The foundation of course is the most critical level because everything that happens after that is built on that premise. So it may be best to get all ducks in a row at least to some degree, if only conceptually at this point before we try to proceed.

Be real as far as what you believe you can accomplish in the short and mid-range target goals. What would it be like if 3-6 months from now, you were happy with what you did so far and know you are making progress even if you can’t

Take Control Where You Can – Start a Business from Home


If you are still working at a job, hopefully you like what you are doing, are being paid fairly and will be able to keep the position. None of the above is a given. Sometimes we must do things we are not crazy about just to support ourselves, sometimes we are not paid what we are worth or as much as we need to live well; sometimes we find our job is gone through no fault of our own. That’s the way it is.


The idea is to be prepared for any eventuality. It is a really tough thing to be worried about it after the fact. For example it is Friday afternoon at work and you get a ‘pink slip’ out of the clear blue sky. If they have any decency at all (and are in a position to), they are giving you pay in lieu of notice or at least notice of 14 to 30-days. (Friday is the day industry recommends letting people go as this gives them the weekend to recover from

Start a Business at Home and Fortify Your Survival


There are so many reasons why having an extra income would work really well. If you are like many people who live paycheck-to-paycheck, there is rarely anything to ‘save’ unless you are very disciplined about it. It may take some real, tangible goal to motivate you to save money. However it is still true ‘you can’t get blood out of a turnip’.

start up

You might want to save money for a ‘rainy day’ aka an emergency, where perhaps you have medical or dental co-payments, or your car breaks down. Something of this nature can really bite if you are already stretching things just to get by. Another total crisis would be losing your job suddenly and trying to piece things together to get by until you find a new position. Having money saved would make the stress of this situation so much easier.

Or maybe you are stressed about your bills and how you have really

How is Internet Marketing Like Sports?


Ever hear the saying ‘practice makes perfect’? By practicing, athletes build their strength and skill. As they continue on they reach plateaus and if they keep their momentum going, they continue to progress. It is the same with marketing when you say that it is about building and sustaining momentum.


The same comparison could be made for artists as well. They keep practicing and learning new techniques. Even in the military they continually test their endurance and hone their skills at using weapons and hand-to-hand combat. Again, marketing is much the same in that the more we practice the better we will get.

In the sense of building momentum this is due to another very relevant factor which is that most people will not respond. So you have to redouble your efforts and get enough volume going that those people won’t matter. Eventually you will be able

Home-based Business Start-Up – Beware of Energy Rip-offs


Mindset is everything when it comes to stepping out on a limb to try something new. Everybody will encounter various obstacles because that’s just life. Everybody comes to the table with skills and experience they have acquired along the way. Some will need to learn more than others. It is not just technical (computer/Internet) or marketing and sales skills that will carry the day. In fact without the right mindset nothing else will ever have a chance.


The worst motivation killers are as follows: Being unrealistic in your expectations as far as time. You somehow got it in your head that everything is instant or miraculous and that success just comes because you want it to. Which leads to number two: When you don’t see any results immediately you will become discouraged and skeptical. When you realize you will need to really work

Don’t Just Work to Earn Money, Fight to Make a Profit


Making a profit is usually always beyond the level of income that you have with a job if you are an average person without a professional/academic degree. They paid the dues on the front-end and many struggled to go to school for years at great expense of both time and energy. Many times they had to have jobs that paid minimum wage.

earn money sign

We may have to work a little harder and a little longer and might never make as much, but no reason we can’t have enough or even plenty of money. We can, if we can find a way to have multiple streams of income which might ‘even out’ or equate to a decent amount of money when added together with our day job wages or salary.

Yes two jobs. Day job and night and weekend job online. You heard it was called a home office – when in fact it can become like living in an office. For example, like when you are havin

Challenge Yourself to Increase Your Income Right Now

If we have a job then our income is limited to our standing agreement with our employer. If we are fortunate this is reviewed each year in our performance evaluation and if the company is doing ok you may receive a merit increase and/or a cost of living increase. Sometimes though you don’t receive any increases for a few years or more, again depending on the health of the company.

Health of the company can infer a few things other than how well they are doing financially speaking. It can also refer to mental or psychological health. This is dictated largely by the corporation but more directly by management. An antagonistic, hostile manager or supervisor who is incapable of motivating employees can really make people sick. After all we spend most of our waking life working and if we don’t feel appreciated or make enough money to enjoy life, it can really take a toll.

Sometimes management feels you are being paid well enough and they may purposely ignore what y

All Things in Moderation – Even Work at Home

Too much of a good thing is still too much! We need a balance in whatever we do. Even with food that is considered fattening or unhealthy, if you eat healthy most of the time you can get away with one time eating something bad. The same principle if you just limit your portions on both good and bad foods, and get some exercise in your daily routine, nobody will know you have been naughty.

Just as you can literally shorten your life or risk your life by exercising too much, the same is true for work. We do need to work as part of our life and at times, like for example when starting a new business that we may work extended hours. We may be working more than 8-hours a day, working on our days off, and worst of all not taking any breaks. You may be okay to do this a few times off and on, but on a regular basis you are abusing yourself.

There is no business that is more important than your health, both mental and physical. To have health we need balance. In fact, if yo

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